Capilano University Room Booking System Help Documentation

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General Information

The Room Booking system is open to all Capilano University employees and students, and can be accessed on or off campus through Capilano University / Services / Community Services / Room Booking & Facilities Rental.

Note: Please do not use this system for requesting changes to timetabled courses or final exams.

Space Information

The Capilano University Room Booking system includes all instructional spaces (classrooms, hybrid classrooms, computer labs, dedicated classrooms, student study rooms, etc.) on the North Vancouver and Sunshine Coast campuses, as well as the LB321 & LB322 meeting rooms.

Space Type Description Who View Book
Bookable space Shared classrooms, hybrid classrooms and computer labs as well as
the LB321 & LB322 meeting rooms
Employees Yes Yes
Dedicated space Non-shared space such as Arts & Science Labs, Health Labs,
Film Labs, LB119 classroom, etc
Employees Yes No
Self-Service space Library Study Rooms (LB111, LB204, LB205, LB206, LB212) Students Yes Yes

Bookable space is currently defined as all shared classrooms, hybrid classrooms and computer labs as well as
the LB321 & LB322 meeting rooms on the North Vancouver Campus. You can view scheduled activities as well as request to book these rooms.

Dedicated space is currently defined as non-shared space (Arts & Science Labs, Health Labs,
Film Labs, etc.) as well as rooms on the Sunshine Coast campus. You can only view activities in these rooms. To book these please contact the appropriate department or campus.

Self-Service space is currently defined as any space that can be booked and managed online without the need for requests or additional approvals. This applies to the Library Study Rooms in North Vancouver. These can be booked by students only, for group meetings and study sessions, when available. Booking rules are enforced by the system.

Other space: See the Room Booking & Facilities Rental page for information about making other types of requests, such as:

  • External requests (for non-Capilano activities)
  • Upper or lower Birch cafeteria
  • Common areas (hallways, stairs, parking, outside commons)
  • BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts (Birch)
  • Sportsplex
  • Nat & Flora Bosa Film Centre

Room Types

To facilitate searches, bookings and reporting, all rooms are grouped by room type:

Space Type Room Types Description Example of room
Bookable space CLASS Classroom - Shared CE120, DW115, LB188, AR125 etc.
HYBR Hybrid Classrooms - Shared AR312, FR206, CE224, CE237, etc.
CMPL Computer Labs - Shared FR210, FR212, LB316, etc.
MTG Meeting Rooms LB321 & LB322
Dedicated space A&Sc Arts & Sciences Labs AR117, FR301, FR310, FR305, etc.
CSEE Continuing Studies & Executive Education LB115, LB185, LB109B, LB309
LIBR Library LB119
FILM&ANIM Film & Animation BC022, BC310, BC318, etc.
A&AP Access & Academic Prep BR310, BR335, BR377, etc.
F&AA Fine & Applied Arts Lab AR001, BR002, FR113, MA103, etc
HLTH Health Lab CE141, FR119, FR204, FR211
SPLX Sportsplex SP111, SP120
PMI Private Music Instruction DW110, FR116, FR208A, FR208B, etc.
Self-Service space LIBR Library Study Rooms
(for group study;
only students can book)
LB111, LB204, LB205, LB206, LB212
Note that rooms are continuously being added, removed and re-assigned therefore, a static listing of all the rooms would not be accurate. For a current listing of rooms of a specific type viewable by your user type (employee or student), you can select the Rooms search function in the Calendar Search menu.

Logging In (all user types)

Requests or bookings can only be made once you have logged in with your Capilano user name and password. Your user name and password are the same as your network password (to login on your office computer or the campus network).

Once logged in, you will see choices in the left menu and have access to functionality depending on your user type(s) - employee and/or student.

Note: Please do not use this system for requesting changes to timetabled courses or final exams.


Calendar Search

The Calendar Search options enable you to search by Activities or by Rooms.

All Activities Search Parameters

Search by Activity to:

  • Find out where an activity is located
  • Find out when an activity is taking place

All Activities Search Results

The results of the search will include all activities for the dates, time & location specified. It is sorted in alphabetic order by the event description.

Room Search Parameters

Search by Room to:

  • Get information about a particular room (capacity, setup, picture, etc.)
  • Look at the calendar for a particular room, find out what is booked.

To view every classroom in the room booking system on all campuses, avoid selecting any search criteria. To limit your search, select one or more criteria.

Room Search Results

The results of the search will include the rooms sorted in alphabetical order.

Room Details Results

Clicking on a room will give you more information about the room.

Room Schedule Results

Selecting, for example, the "Weekly Calendar" will give you a graphic representation of all activities scheduled in that room for the week.

Exporting a calendar to Outlook

The Export feature enables you to add the displayed calendar to your Outlook calendar under "Other Calendars".

Known issue with deleting exported calendars

Some users have experienced problems trying to delete a calendar that was previously exported from the Room Bookings System and deleted. This is because a calendar with the exact same name already exists in your Deleted Items folder and Outlook is unable to add another one with the same name to the Deleted Items folder. If you experience this, simply rename the calendar you want to delete with a unique name before deleting it. Alternatively, empty the Deleted Items folder.


Three types of requests can be made:

Making Advance Bookings

  • LB321 & LB322 meeting rooms can be requested up to 18 months in advance.
  • Classrooms cannot be requested until the credit, final exams and Continuing Studies & Executive Education courses for the term are scheduled. See chart for details:
If you are requesting to book a classroom during the... The request should be sent after...
Spring Term (January - mid April) early November
Spring Final Exams (mid - end April) end February
Summer (May - August) early March
Fall Term (Sept - early December) end June
Fall Final Exams (mid - end December) end October

Note: We recommend you hold your request until the appropriate time to determine what rooms will be available.

Find Room

Use this request type to find a room when you know the date of the booking, or you wish to find a date. Results will show you what bookable rooms are available to request.

Available rooms are displayed once one of the three options is selected:

If no results are displayed:

Request Confirmation

Request Specific Room

Use this request type if you know specifically which bookable room you would like to request. Results will show you what times and dates that room is available to request.

Available dates and times are displayed once one of the tree options is selected:

Request Confirmation

Make Request

Sometimes the space you wish to request is not 'bookable' (see Dedicated space for more information). Unlike the Find Room or the Request Specific Room, Make Request will not display available rooms and times.

Your request will be routed to the appropriate department by Scheduling.

Recurring Requests

Making recurring requests (e.g. regularly held meetings, 4th hour activity, etc) are available for daily, weekly, or monthly recurrences.

My Bookings

On this page you can view your bookings as well as cancel any bookings you have made.


Capilano University Students can use the Room Bookings system to make self-service bookings and view the availability of Library Study Rooms for group meetings.

The Library has five bookable study rooms. Four of the rooms (LB204, LB205, LB206, LB212) are equipped with large-screen monitors waiting for your group project or viewing session. Students are able to book these study rooms using the options under the Self Service menu on the left:

  • Find Room: Use this option to see which study rooms are available on any date. E.g. Which study rooms are free next Thursday?
  • Book a Specific Room: Use this option to find the availability of a specific study room. E.g. When is LB206 free?

Select Rooms under the Calendar Search in the menu on the left to obtain more information about each study room (pictures of the space, maximum occupancy, etc).

Study Rooms Booking Policies/Rules:

  • Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance of the date the room is to be used.
  • Study rooms are available during library hours. These vary throughout the year; see Hours & Location for details.
  • Maximum available booking time per person per day is 2 hours.
  • Rooms cannot be booked for single-student use; they are for group occupancy only.
  • Bookings can be cancelled at any time after they are made. Cancel unneeded bookings!
  • A 10-minute grace period is applied to all bookings. 10 minutes after the start time of a booking, if no one has arrived,
    the booking is automatically cancelled and the room is made available on a first come, first served basis.

Be courteous when booking study rooms - don't monopolize the room and be sure to cancel your request as soon as possible if you no longer need your booking. Your fellow students will appreciate it!

Bring your own laptop and plug it in to view presentations, work on group projects or view a video together on the large-screen monitors in each study room. Step-by-step instructions are available on the Media Options page.

Note: Students wishing to book space not available through self-service can do so via an employee sponsor such as their instructor, a department assistant/staff or the Capilano Students' Union. If you are a Film student, please refer to the Locations Training Booklet.

Self-Service Room Bookings Menu

All students at Capilano University (including students who are also employees) have access to book Library Study Rooms via Self Service in the Room Booking system. This means that if a slot is available, it can be immediately booked online without waiting for human approval. Existing bookings can be viewed and cancelled within the system as well.

The menu items below will be available to a logged-in user with Self Service privileges.

Find Room

To find any available room in a specific time range, either on a particular date or on any date, choose the Find Room menu item under Self Service in the menu, and enter the desired time range (and date, if applicable).

Specify the length of time (duration) for which the room will be needed to confirm availability and allow immediate booking. A duration may be 30 min, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours. A study room cannot be booked for longer than 2 hours, per day, per student making the booking.

Click the relevant Verify button below your criteria to see available rooms, or to see a calendar when rooms are available. If only the calendar is displayed, click an Available (white) date to see when rooms are available on that date.

Any Room Availability

Once the Find Room search has returned results for a particular date, expand any row (start time) of the results with one or more available rooms. Click the 'Book' button for the desired room to reserve that room for that start time. You will be taken to the Booking Confirmation screen to finalize the booking.

Book a Specific Room

To find availability for, and book a particular room:

  • Start from the Book a Specific Room menu item.
  • Click on a row in the Rooms list to search availability for that room only.
  • Specify a Duration - for how long will the room be needed?
  • Specify a specific time range and date, or specify only the time range to search for dates when the chosen room is available in that time range.
  • Click the Verify button for the search you are using.

Specific Room Availability

If searching for a date with availability for the desired room, clicking Verify Calendar will only return a calendar. Click on one of the Available (white) dates to get availability details for that date.

If searching by both date and time range, availability details for that room on that date will be shown when Verify Availability is clicked.

Click the 'Book' button to reserve the desired room for the chosen start time. You will be taken to the Booking Confirmation screen to finalize the booking.

Booking Confirmation

Clicking 'Book' on an available time slot for a selected room begins the room booking process. This screen allows you to check the booking details (room, date, start and end times (and duration)).

Once you are satisfied that the booking details are correct, enter additional information about this booking:

  • Specify how many people will be using the room during this booking.
  • Provide a brief Event Description.
    • This description will be publicly visible to others using the room booking system, when they browse existing room bookings in the Calendar Search.
       Do not include private information in this description.
    • This description can help you and members of your group keep track of your bookings and what they're for.

Click the Confirm button when you are happy with all the booking details. The booking will be assigned a number, saved, and displayed on calendars within the booking system. The booked slot will not be available to other bookers.

A confirmation email with your booking details will also be sent to your Capilano University email account.

Note: Once a booking is confirmed, the only way to change booking details is to cancel the booking and make a new booking.

My Bookings and Booking Detail

To review all your upcoming bookings, click My Bookings in the menu, under Home. Your active bookings will be listed in order of booking number (which may not be the same as the chronological order of the bookings themselves).

(You can also review your prior/expired bookings by choosing a different timeframe from the Filter dropdown at the top right corner of this screen.)

From this screen, you can:

  • View details about a particular booking: click the booking number in the Booking column.
  • View details about the room that was booked: click the room number in the Approved Room(s) or Requested Room columns.
  • Cancel a booking: click the Cancel button for that booking.

The details screen for a particular booking looks as follows. On this screen, you can:

  • View this booking in context with other bookings in a Calendar or List view: click one of the choices in the View Calendar row.
  • View details about the booked room: click Details next to the room number.
  • Cancel the booking: click Cancel This Booking button at the bottom of the screen.

Cancel a Booking

To keep the Library Study Rooms as available as possible to all student groups that need to use them, please cancel any booking as soon as you know you will not be using it. Each person's courtesy here makes the system run smoothly and work well for everyone!

Click the Cancel button from the My Bookings screen or from the Booking Details screen for the booking that is no longer needed.

Input a comment about why the booking is being cancelled, and click OK. (If you cancelled in error, click Cancel on the comment dialog box to cancel your action, and the booking will remain active.)

Once you have confirmed your cancellation, a cancellation email will also be sent to your Capilano University email account.

A cancelled booking will appear with a red 'x' icon in the My Bookings screen and in the details screen for that booking. The booking will be removed from calendars, and the time slot will once again be available for other self-service bookers.